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Investor Centre

H2X’s largest shareholders are Liberty Energy Capital, an Australian investment firm with significant positions in 14 renewable energy companies, and ASX-listed Pure Hydrogen, which has a 24% stake in the company.

H2X’s strategy is guided by financial and energy experts with a shared vision of decarbonising the global economy. Together, they are working with their partners to pave the way for a green future fuelled by hydrogen.

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Liberty Energy Capital

Liberty Energy Capital is strategically investing in multiple renewable energy businesses to create an end-to-end hydrogen industry. This diverse investment portfolio covers all sections of the hydrogen market, from input to output. They believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with their partners — providing high-level strategic guidance to increase the value of each investment.

Currently, LEC is driving the global push towards net-zero emissions by functioning as an incubator for the Australian hydrogen, biomass, and renewable energy sectors. Through their philosophy, LEC is establishing a hydrogen juggernaut — bringing the first comprehensive, expansive renewable hydrogen ecosystem to the global market.

Pure Hydrogen

Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) is an Australian clean energy company with hydrogen and gas businesses. Its mission is to develop large scale hydrogen plants on the east coast of Australia, and become a one-stop-shop supplier in the hydrogen economy.

Currently, the company has five hydrogen projects under development, which includes Gladstone (Project Jupiter), Mackay (Project Mars), Port of Newcastle and Port Anthony (Victoria), and Project Venus in Queensland’s Surat Basin.

It also has three gas projects; Windorah Gas Project in the Cooper Basin, Australia’s most prolific onshore producing petroleum basin, Project Venus CSG in the Surat Basin, and the Serowe Project CSG in Botswana, in which PH2 has a 30% stake.

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