Our Technology

At H2X, we view energy usage as a precious resource. Our business strategy is focused harnessing the most efficient and effective technologies, with the onus on capturing free and renewable energy sources. The benefits are significant: We reduce pollution and use fewer resources to work and move hydrogen, electricity, and our favourite – Kinetic Energy

hydrogen bus

Suspension Energy Capture

For long-distance operations, each bump creates energy, we use this to power our vehicles with zero cost/zero-emission dynamic energy

Hydrogen engine cars

Braking Energy Capture

Especially for frequent stopping applications, the energy of forwarding motion can be captured and the dynamic reaction used for free energy acceleration.

Hydrogen engine cars

Bespoke AI tuned Powertrain

Each vehicle strategy is based on our advanced telematics and AI partnership with the world’s leading AI and cloud computing company. We design each customer application specifically to achieve the ultimate efficiency, benchmarking operating cost, and performance. Our hybrid concept crosses hydrogen fuel cell, battery, and supercapacitor according to what is best suited to each application.

fuel cells technology

Unique high tech frame system

All H2X light commercials are developed on a common internally developed composite frame platform optimised for electric vehicles. Not only does this provide exceptional control and safety, reduce weight and maximise the layout benefits of the Fuel Cell Electric Platform, but this is also highly cost effective, supports a long life and is able to be manufactured in a highly sustainable way reducing waste and energy use in the production process.