The TAXI MPV Darling

At H2X Global, we want to decarbonize internal city mobility without sacrificing operational efficiency

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100% Emission Free

0% Operational Compromise

H2X hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxis allow professional taxi drivers to maintain their current operation while complying with the latest emission regulations.

Advantages of H2X Taxi

Zero pollution car

Zero pollution,
Zero noise.

hydrogen car speed
From 0 to 500km in
less than5 minutes.
fuel cell
Fast refill without
sacrificing time.
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Get in and out of city centres without any pollution penalty or fee.

Made For Its Purpose

Professional Drivers Deserve Professional Cars.

H2X hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxi is completely optimized for professional drivers and the vehicles’ daily use. We understand that taxis need to be vehicles built for their purpose, where passengers have enough space for themselves, their luggage and can easily get in and out of the vehicle. The H2X Taxi is also optimized for the driver’s total comfort and security, providing easy GPS access, and the latest security sensors inside and outside the vehicle.

Sustainable mobility with Sustainable Infrastructure

H2X hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxis can refill in less than 5 minutes, discarding the need for large charging spaces or a loss in operating efficiency due to congested charging stations. Cities can strategically build a few Hydrogen Refilling Stations (HRS) in key locations around the city that will supply the entire city’s taxy fleet.

Advantages of H2 Infrastructure

High turnover ratio. One HRS can service up to 20 vehicles/hour.

Simple scalability. Increase your hydrogen supply in a cost effective manner by increasing your H2 storage space.

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Every Step of the Way

The H2X Taxi and Van are both designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Thanks to H2X’s internally developed “Origami” chassis, our vehicles can be produced with large material and energy savings as well as with a much lower initial CAPEX investment.

H2X sustainability mission is present every step of the way, from how we design our cars to how our customers will drive them in the near future.