The Van Darling

At H2X Global, we make the excitement of  sustainable driving available to everyone, any time.

Hydrogen van

We understand that no matter what kind of drivetrain your vehicle needs, it must be robust and dependable.

By combining our expertise in sustainable engineering and impeccable manufacturing and quality standards you will enjoy every bit of our vehicles while having a completely sustainable driving experience.

Hydrogen car engine
Hydrogen car

A New Driving Experience

Optimized For H2FC

The Darling Van will be H2X’s first own developed vehicle. Options:

  1. Transport Van
  2. 11 seat Coach
H2x car Australia


Every Step Of The Way

H2X integrates sustainability in every step of the process:

  1. Bio composite panels
  2.  Innovative Chassis
  3. More efficient &
    sustainable manufacturing
Hydrogen engine

Simple Use

5 minutes to refill

H2X Darling is an optimal vehicle to increase hydrogen usage in logistic fleets and cover a wide spectrum of final customers.

Maximum Versatility

Different lengths for different purposes

H2X Darling comes in different sizes for different purposes.

3 different dimensions (compact, standard, long)

Identical load space volume compared to combustion equivalents

Product size variety allows us to reach a wider spectrum of clients and increase hydrogen demand in fleets.Innovative chassis manufacturing and modular power train for multiple uses cases (see picture below).

Hydrogen cars for sale
Hydrogen cars australia

With a high load capacity and a wide range of equipment as standard, the H2X Darling is built with your business in mind. Driving the H2X Darling means lowering your running and servicing costs, saving you and your business money and time.

Moreover, the Darling zero-emissions driving is also exempt from low emission zone charges and parking, increasing saving incentives and making it easier to transition into a zero emission fleet.

H2x hydrogen car

The H2X hydrogen drivetrain doesn’t compromise on power. Built to the highest standards of quality you’ve come to expect from H2X Global Vehicles.

Maximum Versatility

Military Application – Border Patrolling

H2X vehicles are designed for the most extreme conditions, offering a zero emissions and zero noise operation.

Hydrogen vehicles offer longer driving range and simpler refilling infrastructure, ideal for remote sites and natural disaster operations.

Thanks to the hydrogen power train, customers can choose between 2×4 or 4×4 for a more demanding towing power.

Raised suspension system allows the vehicle to drive smoothly through tougher terrains.

Technical Specifications And Features


Available as a Panel Van or 11 seat Coach transportation Van.


1. Lower TCO thanks to cheaper maintenance (not as many moving parts as a combustion engine)

2.Cost effective refilling infrastructure. Easy scalability of hydrogen operation.




Smooth and quite driving with fewer vibrations

1,000kg – 1,950kg


1,000kg – 2,550kg

Towable weight


Inner city logistics/delivery, airport mobility and goods transport with a range of 500 km our H2X Darling is perfectly suited to many different business types, including local couriers, delivery drivers, and small businesses. The Darling’s different volumes and payload capacities make it easier to meet everyday work demands. Available to order now, as either a Panel Van or Kombi Van.  

Dimensions And Carrying Capacity

Different Lengths For Different Purposes

The H2X Darling comes with a complete hydrogen fuel cell power train, delivering a sensational zero emission driving experience without any operational compromise.

Identical load space volume compared to combustion engine equivalents.

Fast an easy refilling - 0 to 500 km in 5 minutes.

Transition to a zero emission fleet without sacrificing carrying weight or operative efficiency.

Comfortable seating for 11 passengers and luggage

Hydrogen powered cars australia
hydrogen car manufacturers


  • 40% material saving.
  • 80% decrease in production cost.
  • Bio composite body panels: H2X partner Bcomp already has products in use.
  • Single metal chassis composition allows for easier and more efficient body recycling at the end of the vehicle´s life.
hydrogen car


  • Faster Time-to-Market thanks to assembly efficiency (bending bench, welding and laser cutting).
  • Local vehicle production (0km): Allows for locally sourced materials and local workforce. (*subject to vehicle quantity)
hydrogen car manufacturers


  • FCEVs generates only water vapour as a residue.
  • Low-cost maintenance: FCEVs have no oils or moving parts in their motor. As a result, maintenance is more simple and low cost.FCEVs generates only water vapour as a residue.
  • Hydrogen Production: H2X partners produce Green Hydrogen from renewable sources, making the vehicle 0 emissions for its entire lifespan.

every step of the way

Thanks to our internally developed “Origami” chassis, H2X is able to dramatically decrease the CO2 footprint in every step – Manufacturing, Assembly and Vehicle Use.


30-40% higher torsional strength.


 -80% of normal chassis R&D cost.


-75% of normal chassis production cost. Minimum plant investment/laser cutting/bending bench/welding.


Origami chassis and extendablewheelbase allow for multiple vehicle options.


Up to 40-50% of material saving per chassis.