Why Hydrogen

Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen is a gas in high demand with multiple applications using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biogas. The natural gas is a clean alternative to methane, accounting for 75% of all mass in the universe, meaning it can be found in all living things — water, animals, plants, and humans.

For these reasons it is known as the galaxy’s most abundant resource.
The development of hydrogen capabilities has made it the preferred choice for nations and businesses committing to net-zero energy.

Types of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is either carbon-based or emissions-free.

Emission Generating Hydrogen


Grey hydrogen is created by burning finite supplies of natural gas, emitting damaging carbon emissions into the ozone layer.


Brown hydrogen is made by burning coal, discharging harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Zero Emission Hydrogen


Green hydrogen is formed through a method known as pyrolysis. This process releases no greenhouse gases into the air and uses renewable energy sources.


Blue hydrogen is produced by heating natural gases, with all emissions being captured and safely stored.

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