The Warrego

Built around an award-winning frame, The Warrego can take whatever you throw at it. 


With over 30 years of experience across all sectors of the automotive industry, the founders Brendan Norman and Chris Reitz have worked together over the last decade on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Following their success in delivering hydrogen vehicles across different regions, it became clear that there was a need to focus on the professional driver. In 2019, H2X was born to deliver on this vision.

Zero Emission Vehicles For A Net Zero Tomorrow

Through a retrofit strategy, H2X partners with legacy automakers to marry their expertise in building vehicles with H2X’s hydrogen powertrain IP to create an emission-free vehicle for professional drivers. Importantly, this is a capex-light approach that expedites the delivery of vehicles to market.

Order Your Warrego Today

Designed to take on tough terrains, the H2X Warrego can be used in construction sites, mining locations, anything you can throw at it. 

Hydrogen Future


Superior Energy Density

Hydrogen is the most energy dense molecule in the universe at 147 MJ/kg in comparison lithium batteries hold 0.5 MJ/kg. This enables lighter vehicles and higher haulage capacity.

Faster Refueling

Hydrogen vehicles can be refueled materially quicker than BEVs making them more suitable for commercial applications where high asset utilisation is important.

Lower Mineral Intensity

Hydrogen fuel cells are less mineral intensive than batteries resulting in less critical mineral mining, a materially longer useful life, and simpler recyclability.

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