A Sustainably-Focused Vehicle Creator

H2X is an Automotive and Power Unit Company founded on absolute sustainability. The Company is focused on the growing Hydrogen fuel cell transport markets which are emerging in the key regions of Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and Scandinavia.

H2X has established two key operating divisions within the Company to focus on the current market opportunity which exists in designing and delivering powertrain systems to heavy equipment and Stationary Power Applications, as well as developing and delivering multiple light equipment vehicles using a proprietary H2X fuel cell and power train system which are set to enter the market in coming years as more hydrogen related transport infrastructure is established.

H2X has assembled a leading team of industry veterans with proven track records of delivering commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market – who have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Founders Chris and Brendan established Grove Hydrogen Automotive in 2016 in Wuhan China under state company IGE, after a successful launch, slowed by Wuhan Economic Crisis in 2019 Chris and Brendan left Grove to establish a more international and sustainable Hydrogen focused vehicle company.


H2X is focused, unlike others, on Medium Distance (300-600km) professional vehicles delivering efficient running and cost effectiveness for professional & commercial operators.

H2X works with Hydrogen Infrastructure providers to establish Ecosystems which are cost-effective at the start: Hydrogen Ecosystems require a minimum volume to hit the market – our products focus on this market.

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