The Darling Taxi

For those who drive passengers


No pollution, no penalties. Business as usual

Designed with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Darling Taxi is built to meet the needs of professional taxi drivers. Zero emissions driving experience with the same operational performance of a combustion vehicle.

Quiet Ride

Quiet Ride

Comfortable and noiseless design for drivers and passengers

Zero Emission Advantages

Zero Emission Advantages

Get in and out of city centres without worrying about pollution fees

Fast Refuelling

Fast Refuelling

Spend time on what really matters


Convenience meets comfort

 In creating the next generation of zero emission taxis, we ensure that the Darling Taxi provides easy access in and out, as well as sufficient luggage and leg room for every journey.

Easy Access

Leg room, luggage capacity, ample seating space for long or short drives.


Whether you need to sleep on a long ride or just relax, the H2X Darling Taxi keeps you cosy and safe.


5G connectivity with remotely updated firmware, hands-free functionality and smartphone integration for the best driving experience.


Drive with confidence through tight streets and challenging parking spots with parking sensors and 360° camera.



Customise your taxi to your needs

Comfortably seats up to 10 passengers and luggage. Identical load space volume compared to combustion engine equivalent.

H2x Darling Taxi COMPACT - 6 seater

6 seater
4.67m length

H2x Darling Taxi STANDARD - 8 seater

8 seater
4.90m length

H2x Darling Taxi LONG - 10 seater

10 seater
5.32m length


Save time, save the planet

Fuel faster at your convenience, via Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) that will be strategically built in key locations around cities.

>400km with a Single Refill

Drive longer distances with hydrogen fuel cell technology

Growing Hydrogen Infrastructure

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations can service multiple vehicles per hour

Scalable Solution

No need to stress the electricity grid, just increase your H2 storage and scale your hydrogen fleet

Note: The Darling Taxi is not yet in production. Individual vehicle specifications may therefore be subject to change depending on region and before the start of production.

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