The Darling Van

For those who drive business

Designed with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Darling Van is built to ensure the best user experience. Thanks to its zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell technology, drivers can enjoy the same operational performance as combustion vehicles, without having to worry about pollution restrictions or fees.

  • The cleaner alternative, exempt from emission charges and limitations.
  • Decarbonize your business without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Fast refuelling, long-distance travel.


The ideal fit for all your business transportation needs

The H2X Darling Van comes in 3 standard sizes to suit various business types, from small businesses to national post delivery.

Zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell technology keeps cargo at optimum temperature without pollution or noxious gas, even when idling.

Zero Emission Commercial Van

The modular design of our origami chassis offers a loading platform for convenience.


Ample convenience in a variety of sizes

Various cargo capacity to suit all your business needs. Each size of the Darling Van has an identical load space volume compared to the combustion engine equivalent.

Compact Van Darling

loading space

Standard Van Darling

loading space

Long Van Darling

loading space


Meeting the requirements of the professional driver

Make the switch to a zero emissions fleet, without compromising on capacity or operational efficiency. Suitable for inner city delivery, internal airport logistics and any cargo transportation.

Decreased Maintenance

Decreased Maintenance

Fewer moving parts compared to a combustion vehicle



Up to 3.5 tonnes

Towable Weight

Towable Weight

1000 - 2550kg

>400km Range

>400km Range

Drive longer distances with hydrogen fuel cell technology


The fuel of the future has arrived

The H2X Darling Van comes with a complete hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, ensuring you the best zero-emission driving experience with optimal operational efficiency.

Faster Refuelling

Don't lose time charging, spend time running your business

Zero Emissions Mobility

Run your business without worrying about Low Emission Zones

Cheaper Maintenance

Reduced OPEX thanks to a simpler electric drivetrain

Note: The Darling Van is not yet in production. Individual vehicle specifications may therefore be subject to change depending on region and before the start of production.

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