Hydrogen-fuelled ute developed in Australia readies to launch

Hydrogen vehicle maker H2X is set to unveil its Australian-developed fuel cell electric hybrid Warrego Ute in November.

H2X Global, which has a number of arms including the Australian-based fledgling automotive manufacturer H2X Australia, is planning to launch its Warrego Ute in Queensland’s Gold Coast and is already taking orders for the vehicle.

The company says the car features a 200 kW motor system, 66 kW and optional 90 kW fuel cell systems and 60-100 kW output energy storage systems between the battery and supercapacitor units. The Warrego has a 500km driving range and a refueling time of between three and five minutes.

With its hybrid system, H2X says the vehicle can on pure hydrogen, “drastically” reducing refueling time while increasing driving range and hydrogen efficiency.

The company described the Warrego as the first in a “range of uniquely designed and developed fuel cell electric vehicles” it plans to release over the next 24 months.

In November 2020, the H2X Marine, the boat building arm of fledgling automotive manufacturer, announced a partnership with Queensland-based shipbuilding specialist WildCat Marine to manufacture a range of hydrogen-fuelled passenger ferries for industrial and commercial uses.

Fuel cell vehicles are predicted to face an uphill battle competing with more mature electric vehicle technologies for light vehicles and passenger cars, but there is much interest in using hydrogen to transport heavy trucks, ferries, ships, and planes.

This article originally appeared in the PV magazine.