Introducing the Paroo

H2X Global’s 3.5-Tonne Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light Truck

Zero Emission Hydrogen Vehicles: Leading the Future of Commercial Transport

H2X Global Limited is at the forefront of the zero-emission vehicle revolution, with our groundbreaking hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). One of the most demanded vehicles in our lineup is the Paroo, a versatile light truck available in 3.5 T and 5 T variants, now open for pre-order on the H2X website.

Zero Emissions, Maximum Impact

H2X’s Paroo truck epitomizes sustainable logistics, merging the durability required for commercial use with state-of-the-art zero-emission technology. As businesses globally transition to greener operations, the Paroo offers a reliable, eco-friendly solution without compromising performance.

Seamless Integration with H2X Technology

H2X’s modular technology allows us to seamlessly integrate our proprietary fuel cell (FC) system across our range of vehicles. This integration preserves the vehicle’s electrical and CAN/BUS systems, transforming it into a zero-emission powerhouse tailored to meet specific needs. For instance, Renova, a waste management company in Sweden’s Greater Gothenburg Area, has chosen Paroo trucks with adaptable rear boxes, custom-made for various requirements such as refrigeration units, delivery boxes, and mobile workshops. This adaptability demonstrates the Paroo’s flexibility to fulfill diverse customer applications.

Versatility and Unmatched Flexibility

he Paroo’s design incorporates the fuel cell system within the vehicle’s frame, enabling conversion for a wide range of applications while maintaining range and minimizing environmental impact. The hydrogen-electric powertrain allows for precise energy customization, distinguishing the Paroo from traditional internal combustion engines and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Applications for Paroo Trucks:



Last Mile Delivery

High load capacity, durable, zero-emission transport from hubs to stores.

Continuous Operations (Back-to-Base)

Clean and reliable transport for service, waste management, etc.

Medical Transport

Reliable, clean transport for medical supplies and equipment.

Utility Services

Ideal for maintenance and service operations.

Food Transports

Maintains power to cooling units without reducing range.

Service Sector Transport

Reliable transport for goods requiring special power needs.

Military Applications

Robust and adaptable for various logistics needs.

Emergency Services

Predictable operation times with quick refuelling, ideal for emergency scenarios.

H2X’s ability to customise these vehicles for specific uses ensures that we can meet the unique demands of any professional market, providing truly bespoke products to our customers.

The Paroo Key Features and Benefits

The Paroo leverages an optimised version of H2X’s fuel cell system, designed to meet specific customer requirements. These trucks are typically capped at 100 km/h, prioritizing load capacity and range. Our hydrogen fuel cell system offers significant advantages over BEVs, including zero emissions, enhanced load capacity, and extended range. Moreover, the rapid refuelling capability of hydrogen (5-15 minutes) allows for continuous operation, perfect for fleets with central base refuelling stations.

Performance Metrics:


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Battery Electric

Refuelling Time

5-15 minutes

4-8 hours


400 km

350 km


Utilisation and Longevity


Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Battery Electric

Utilization Rate








Production Costs





More recyclable


Less recyclable

Grid Independence





The Essence of Paroo

Named after Australia’s Paroo River, the Paroo truck symbolises resilience and adaptability. Just as the river supports diverse ecosystems, the Paroo truck stands as a beacon of sustainability in commercial transportation. The truck’s innovative design and H2X proprietary technology reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the communities within the Paroo catchment, catering to a wide range of applications from last-mile delivery to medical transport.


Why Choose the Paroo?

The Paroo offers a compelling alternative to traditional commercial vehicles, merging the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology with the practical demands of modern logistics. Its lower carbon footprint, cost-effective production, and superior operational efficiency make it an attractive choice for businesses transitioning to sustainable transportation solutions.

Invest in the Future with H2X

By choosing the Paroo, you’re not just investing in a truck; you’re investing in a future where transportation is clean, efficient, and sustainable. Explore the Paroo and other innovative hydrogen vehicles on the H2X website and be part of the zero-emission mobility revolution.

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