H2X Opens European Office at Lindholmen Gothenburg, Sweden

H2X Global has now opened an office in Gothenburg, and more specifically in Lindholmen Science Park.

Whilst the pandemic affected the original program, we are pleased H2X Global is now pushing forward and are investing heavily in both the infrastructure and the team, says Peter Westh, head of H2X Global in Northern Europe.

Our decision to base H2X Global in Gothenburg was partly due to signing a cooperation agreement with Renova to develop hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks and light vehicles.

“The project with Renova is based on mutual development, where we develop and produce the vehicles out and Renova maintain them. Today, the hydrogen market is developing rapidly, and we see a significant expansion of Hydrogen filling station infrastructure in Sweden and neighbouring countries over the next 2-3 years, which is key for the vehicles to operate” says Peter Westh.

The program is to set up the European head office in Gothenburg, where we will also recruit several key personnel. The first phase is to recruit vehicle engineers, but the vision over the next few years is to develop our production and assembly plants.

Gothenburg was an obvious choice for H2X Global, due to the city’s historic production of commercial vehicles and its focus on automotive and innovative technologies. Moreover, setting up an office at Lindholmen Science Park allows H2X Global to focus on developing collaborations and partnerships with existing tenants.

This partnership showcases the Company’s ability to work with innovative, world-leading brands like KTM. Momentum is building ahead of H2X’s planned major stock exchange listing as the Company continues to form tangible, strategic partnerships.

Älvstranden Utveckling has been supportive of H2X Global’s establishment at Lindholmen Science Park and has extended a very warm welcome to our team.

“They are a company that fits very well into our profile that you need to have to sit in the house and we look forward to following their future journey,” says Marie Vulpe, leasing manager at Älvstranden Utveckling.