H2Xtraordinary People – Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson, our Chief Technology Officer, brings over three decades of unparalleled experience and innovation in the automotive industry to H2X Global Limited. His career has been marked by significant contributions to vehicle design, development, and cutting-edge technology, positioning him as a leading figure in the field.

Career Highlights:

  • Lotus and Opel: Ian’s illustrious journey began with pivotal roles in projects like the Opel Speedster, Elise 2, and Aston Martin Vanquish. His expertise in developing exterior body panels and interiors has set new standards in both aesthetic and functional design.
  • Tesla Roadster: Ian’s design and retrofitting work on the first 1,300+ Tesla Roadsters solidified his reputation as a pioneer in electric vehicle technology.
  • Volvo Trucks USA: As Lead Design Engineer for the VN2000 Series class 8 trucks, Ian’s influence extended across the USA, South America, and Australian markets, showcasing his versatility in managing diverse automotive projects.
  • Maserati and Alfa Romeo: At Maserati, Ian led interior design and engineering for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio, and Maserati Levante. He later advanced to Head of Innovation and Benchmarking, driving technological advancements for both brands.
  • Karma Automotive: Ian managed the design and engineering of interiors for the Karma Revero GT, GS 6, and GS e6, reinforcing his expertise in luxury and electric vehicles.
  • Grove Hydrogen FCEV China: As Chief Engineer, Ian oversaw the complete vehicle engineering design and development of all FCEV models, leading innovation and new technology initiatives.

Current Role at H2X:

Since joining H2X in June 2020, Ian has been instrumental in leading the engineering team for the H2X Warrego. His responsibilities include directing vehicle development, prototype creation, and production facilities. Ian ensures full vehicle compliance and type approval for global markets, develops the technology roadmap, and fosters strategic business and technology relationships aligned with H2X’s goals.

Vision and Expertise:

Ian’s dedication to the automotive industry is reflected in his relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. His comprehensive expertise spans full vehicle design, development, production, type approval, intellectual property, and innovation. Under Ian’s leadership, H2X is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry with sustainable and advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Quote from Ian: “I have been very lucky in my career to work on some great products and in some great companies with great talented people. My main drive is to push the boundaries of technology and support the move to sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles. When you enjoy what you do then your job never feels just like work it becomes part of you, the biggest high for me is getting to see what I have worked on out in the market with customers”

About H2X Global:

Driven by the vision of our founders, H2X Global Limited has designed and built an exceptional range of products that offer best-in-class, zero-emission hydrogen vehicles to our customers. As we transition from prototype to production, our aim is to efficiently get vehicles on the road, leveraging our integrated hydrogen management technology in collaboration with established vehicle manufacturers.

Market-Ready Innovation:

The opening for pre-orders of the Warrego marks a significant step forward for H2X as we move from concept to production. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to delivering on our promises and advancing the hydrogen mobility revolution.

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