The Yarra FCEV Truck: H2X’s Next Step in Sustainable Heavy Transport

At H2X Global Limited, we’re proud to expand our zero-emission vehicle lineup with the Yarra, our latest innovation in hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Building on the success of the Warrego 4×4 and our light trucks, the Yarra series marks our entry into the heavier weight classes, offering a range of models from 16T to 44T.

Versatility and Reliability for Professional Mobility

The Yarra is designed for the professional mobility market, excelling in applications where vehicles need to operate for long durations with minimal downtime. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks like garbage collection and cement transportation, the Yarra handles stop/start usage efficiently, thanks to our advanced energy recapture technology. This makes the Yarra not only a powerful and reliable option but also a highly efficient one.

Flexible Production and Retrofit Options

The Yarra can be produced from new glider chassis or retrofitted from existing vehicles. Our flexible approach allows us to customize each truck to meet specific operational needs, providing significant benefits over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Superior Performance Metrics

The H2X system is designed for scalability, allowing us to meet varying power and range requirements. By combining multiple fuel cell units, we can provide the necessary power for larger heavy vehicles while maintaining a lighter weight compared to BEV setups.

Key Advantages

  • Zero Emissions: Environmentally friendly, with the only byproduct being water.
  • Fast Refuelling: Hydrogen fuel cells enable quick refuelling, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Operational Efficiency: Comparable weight to ICE vehicles, allowing for similar load capacities and operational times.

The Yarra: Named for Sustainability

Named after the Yarra River in Victoria, one of the cleanest rivers flowing through a capital city, the Yarra truck symbolizes our commitment to clean and sustainable transport. Just as the river sustains its environment, the Yarra truck supports efficient and eco-friendly logistics.


Why Choose the Yarra?

The Yarra offers a compelling alternative to traditional heavy-duty vehicles. With its lower carbon footprint, cost-effective production, and superior operational efficiency, the Yarra is an attractive choice for businesses looking to transition to sustainable transportation solutions.

Discover the Future of Heavy Transport with H2X

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