H2Xtraordinary People: Next Week’s Spotlight on Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson, Director of R&D & Collaboration at H2X Global Limited

Magnus Olsson is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, bringing extensive experience and innovative thinking to his role as Director of R&D & Collaboration at H2X Global Limited. His career journey spans various leadership positions in the automotive industry, consultancy, and research sectors, making him a valuable asset to H2X.

Career Highlights

Early Career and Education:

  • Education: Magnus holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Luleå University of Technology and a military degree from the Swedish Armed Forces.
  • Saab Automobile AB: Starting his career in 1995, Magnus held various leadership roles at Saab, GM Europe, and the GM Group. His responsibilities ranged from managing research collaborations to leading the Driver Ergonomics organization and initiating Saab’s first BEV project.

Notable Contributions to the Automotive Industry:

  • Saab and GM: Magnus managed research collaborations, led the Driver Ergonomics organization, and co-started the Saab Innovation Center. He played a pivotal role in Saab’s first official BEV project.
  • RISE: As Business Area Manager for Transport-related business, Magnus contributed significantly to the global transition from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly transport sectors.
  • AFRY: At AFRY, he established a new team of software developers, led Nordic Way 3, and coordinated major projects such as the EU project Hi-Drive.

Current Role at H2X: Since joining H2X in September 2022, Magnus has been instrumental in leading R&D and collaboration efforts. Based in Sweden, he is responsible for strategic tender submissions, research applications, and managing technical projects with partners. His role also involves global design and production coordination, business strategy development, and fostering customer and supplier relationships.

Vision and Expertise

Magnus’s extensive expertise in automotive technology, organizational structures, and competence building, combined with his strong management and leadership skills, positions him as a driving force behind H2X’s innovation and growth. His dedication to advancing hydrogen fuel cell technology and sustainable transportation solutions aligns perfectly with H2X’s mission.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional life, Magnus enjoys spending time with his family at their summer house on the Swedish West coast. A passionate sports enthusiast, he engages in activities such as volleyball, football, cross-country skiing, running, sailing, and golf.



From Magnus Olsson:  Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to achieve extraordinary milestones, at H2X I am surrounded by a team that shares my passion for innovation and sustainability. Together, we are making a real impact in the automotive industry.

From Antony Tolfts, H2X CEO: “Magnus’s comprehensive experience and commitment to sustainable transport solutions are invaluable to H2X. His leadership in R&D and collaboration efforts ensures we stay at the forefront of hydrogen technology advancements.”


About H2X Global Driven by the vision of our founders, H2X Global Limited designs and builds zero-emission hydrogen vehicles. Transitioning from prototype to production, we aim to get vehicles on the road efficiently, leveraging our integrated hydrogen management technology in collaboration with established vehicle manufacturers.

Market-Ready Innovation The opening for pre-orders of the Warrego marks a significant step forward for H2X as we move from concept to production. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to delivering on our promises and advancing the hydrogen mobility revolution.

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