Introducing the Paroo

H2X Global’s 3.5-Tonne Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light Truck

Zero Emission Hydrogen Vehicles: Leading the Future of Commercial Transport

H2X Global Limited is at the forefront of the zero-emission vehicle revolution, with our groundbreaking hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). One of the most demanded vehicles in our lineup is the Paroo, a versatile light truck available in 3.5 T and 5 T variants, now open for pre-order on the H2X website.

Zero Emissions, Maximum Impact

H2X’s Paroo truck epitomizes sustainable logistics, merging the durability required for commercial use with state-of-the-art zero-emission technology. As businesses globally transition to greener operations, the Paroo offers a reliable, eco-friendly solution without compromising performance.

Seamless Integration with H2X Technology

H2X’s modular technology allows us to seamlessly integrate our proprietary fuel cell (FC) system across our range of vehicles. This integration preserves the vehicle’s electrical and CAN/BUS systems, transforming it into a zero-emission powerhouse tailored to meet specific needs. For instance, Renova, a waste management company in Sweden’s Greater Gothenburg Area, has chosen Paroo trucks with adaptable rear boxes, custom-made for various requirements such as refrigeration units, delivery boxes, and mobile workshops. This adaptability demonstrates the Paroo’s flexibility to fulfill diverse customer applications.

Versatility and Unmatched Flexibility

he Paroo’s design incorporates the fuel cell system within the vehicle’s frame, enabling conversion for a wide range of applications while maintaining range and minimizing environmental impact. The hydrogen-electric powertrain allows for precise energy customization, distinguishing the Paroo from traditional internal combustion engines and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Applications for Paroo Trucks:



Last Mile Delivery

High load capacity, durable, zero-emission transport from hubs to stores.

Continuous Operations (Back-to-Base)

Clean and reliable transport for service, waste management, etc.

Medical Transport

Reliable, clean transport for medical supplies and equipment.

Utility Services

Ideal for maintenance and service operations.

Food Transports

Maintains power to cooling units without reducing range.

Service Sector Transport

Reliable transport for goods requiring special power needs.

Military Applications

Robust and adaptable for various logistics needs.

Emergency Services

Predictable operation times with quick refuelling, ideal for emergency scenarios.

H2X’s ability to customise these vehicles for specific uses ensures that we can meet the unique demands of any professional market, providing truly bespoke products to our customers.

The Paroo Key Features and Benefits

The Paroo leverages an optimised version of H2X’s fuel cell system, designed to meet specific customer requirements. These trucks are typically capped at 100 km/h, prioritizing load capacity and range. Our hydrogen fuel cell system offers significant advantages over BEVs, including zero emissions, enhanced load capacity, and extended range. Moreover, the rapid refuelling capability of hydrogen (5-15 minutes) allows for continuous operation, perfect for fleets with central base refuelling stations.

Performance Metrics:


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Battery Electric

Refuelling Time

5-15 minutes

4-8 hours


400 km

350 km


Utilisation and Longevity


Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Battery Electric

Utilization Rate








Production Costs





More recyclable


Less recyclable

Grid Independence





The Essence of Paroo

Named after Australia’s Paroo River, the Paroo truck symbolises resilience and adaptability. Just as the river supports diverse ecosystems, the Paroo truck stands as a beacon of sustainability in commercial transportation. The truck’s innovative design and H2X proprietary technology reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the communities within the Paroo catchment, catering to a wide range of applications from last-mile delivery to medical transport.


Why Choose the Paroo?

The Paroo offers a compelling alternative to traditional commercial vehicles, merging the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology with the practical demands of modern logistics. Its lower carbon footprint, cost-effective production, and superior operational efficiency make it an attractive choice for businesses transitioning to sustainable transportation solutions.

Invest in the Future with H2X

By choosing the Paroo, you’re not just investing in a truck; you’re investing in a future where transportation is clean, efficient, and sustainable. Explore the Paroo and other innovative hydrogen vehicles on the H2X website and be part of the zero-emission mobility revolution.

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What the Australian Federal Budget 2024-25 means for the Hydrogen Industry

The Australian Federal Budget for 2024-25 announced significant advancements for the hydrogen industry, reinforcing Australia’s ambition to become a global leader in clean energy and the net zero transition. This article summarises the highlights and implications for Australian companies within the hydrogen sector. 

ONE Economic Context and Budget Overview

Amid global economic uncertainties, Australia’s Federal Budget for 2024-25 managed to achieve a surplus. Although a deficit is forecast for next year due to increased spending in health, aged care and defence, the budget strategically invests in renewable energy, particularly hydrogen. This underscores the government’s commitment to positioning Australia at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.

TWO Clean Energy Funding

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has been tasked with a suite of new funding programs to administer under which green hydrogen production and use continues to be a focus. The $1.7 billion Future Made in Australia Innovation Fund supports innovative projects in the renewable hydrogen sector and other clean energy technologies. A further $1.5 billion has been allocated to ARENA’s core funding programs which invest in renewable energy and related technologies. These investments in innovation, skills transfer, and infrastructure are crucial for technological advancement and industry growth.

THREE Hydrogen Headstart Program

Continuing the Budget’s clean energy focus, the Hydrogen Headstart program announced in the prior year Budget now receives an additional $1.3 billion. The program is designed to bridge the green premium for early-mover hydrogen projects, propelling Australia’s hydrogen industry forward by offering competitive production contracts to support renewable hydrogen production.

FOUR Financial Incentives and Tax Reforms

Several tax incentives are introduced to benefit businesses in the clean energy sector. A new tax incentive to incentivise hydrogen production will provide $2 per kilogram of renewable hydrogen produced. Together with the Critical Minerals Production Tax Incentive, the program will apply to production between 1 July 2027 and 30 June 2040.

SIX Strategic Implications for Australian Companies in the Hydrogen Sector

The budget’s focus on hydrogen and clean energy presents significant opportunities and strategic imperatives. Financial support and infrastructure investments will reduce operational costs, enhance market readiness, and accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Additionally, aligning federal policies with global clean energy trends positions Australian companies to expand their market reach both domestically and internationally within the growing hydrogen economy.


The 2024-25 Federal Budget demonstrates the Australian government’s strong commitment to clean energy and the hydrogen industry. This commitment represents a significant step toward making Australia a renewable energy superpower, with hydrogen playing a pivotal role.

Written by
Rebecca Barnes (RSM), Antony Tolfts (H2X) & Magnus Olsson (H2X)

About H2X Global

Zero emissions, extended driving ranges, and 5-minute refuelling times—H2X Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles are setting new standards in commercial transportation. Featuring the world’s only hydrogen-powered 4×4 and a proprietary battery-free power system, H2X leads the charge toward a cleaner, more efficient future in transport.

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H2X’s Warrego 4×4: Revolutionizing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology


In an ambitious move to reframe the capability of Hydrogen powered vehicles, H2X developed the Warrego, a Zero Emission 4×4 Pick-Up / Ute designed to surpass the performance of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The Warrego is now available for pre-order at .

Engineering Excellence and Strategic Base Selection

H2X’s vision for the Warrego was to deliver a hydrogen-powered vehicle that outperforms traditional ICE vehicles. The goal was to deliver a zero-emission vehicle with all the quality, performance, and load-carrying capacity that drivers have enjoyed from traditional ICE vehicles that have over a century of existing refinement. The project initially focused on the dynamic pick-up / Ute market, applicable to a wide range of commercial and retail drivers.

H2X selected the Ford Ranger as the base vehicle due to its global popularity, reliability, and strong Australian roots, just like H2X. When Ford introduced the latest Ranger model, H2X adopted the updated vehicle and leveraged its enhanced features, styling, and capability. The latest Ranger’s chassis, with increased length and width, updated internal communication standards (CAN/FD instead of CAN/BUS), and the latest technology, provides an even better platform for the Hydrogen powered Warrego, ensuring H2X remains an innovation leader.

Advanced Fuel Cell Integration

Automotive development involves repeated and precise testing at component, system, and vehicle levels. After extensive testing of different fuel cell systems, electric motors, and inverters, H2X’s data proved that Toyota’s fuel cell was the best for efficiency and performance. This full load-following fuel cell, was initially paired with small Li-ion battery packs, which will be replaced by the latest supercapacitor cells in production models to enhance performance, efficiency, and recyclability.

Performance and Powertrain Optimization

A primary objective for the Warrego was to achieve road speeds and acceleration comparable to the ICE Ford Ranger. H2X’s data-driven approach, led by an industry-leading team, identified a high-performance motor and inverter combination. Warrego drivers enjoy a driving range of 400 km with a top speed usually limited to: 130 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in under 10 seconds. By integrating supercapacitors H2X vehicles can store more power from regenerative braking, particularly useful when you find yourself in stop-start driving.

Innovative 4WD Solution and Hydrogen Storage

To maintain the traditional 4WD experience without the complexity and weight, H2X engineered a gearbox connection to seamlessly integrate with the standard 4×4 setup. This allows familiar driving controls to be retained and ensures a smooth transition for users accustomed to ICE vehicles. The hydrogen storage, providing fuel to the fuel cell and ensuring a range of 400 km, is an H2X-designed proprietary technology. Positioned under the bed behind the rear axle, these bulletproof tanks provide a safe and effective energy source with a design that ensures efficient space utilization and optimal weight distribution, maximizing the vehicle’s performance and handling.

Market-Ready Innovation

The opening for pre-orders of the Warrego marks a significant moment for H2X, offering the market the first Hydrogen powered 4×4. The Warrego delivers a driving and refuelling experience similar to traditional ICE vehicles, allowing Warrego drivers to refuel and continue with minimal disruption. This innovation meets the demands of current pickup truck users and sets a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in the automotive industry.

By introducing the Warrego 4×4 to the market, fleet owners and professional users can now participate in the transition from fossil fuels to zero-emission alternatives, without sacrificing transportation capacity or requiring longer transportation times or additional vehicles due to prolonged electric charging. With fewer moving parts in the fuel cell and powertrain setup, acquiring an H2X product will result in lower maintenance costs and fewer service issues compared to traditional ICE vehicles.


By successfully integrating advanced hydrogen and supercapacitor technology into a widely popular vehicle platform, H2X’s Warrego 4×4 offers a robust product that exceeds contemporary performance standards and consumer expectations with zero emissions.

Open for Pre-Orders

Pre-order your Warrego now at: .

About H2X Global

Zero emissions, extended driving ranges, and 5-minute refuelling times—H2X Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles set the standard for commercial transportation. Offering the world’s only hydrogen-powered 4×4 and a proprietary battery-free power system, H2X drives to the future.

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